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The days of financing The Red Knot Survival Project out-of-pocket are in the past. That approach is simply no longer practical, given the evolution of our work. GCA receives donations from individuals, from corporate sponsors and from grantor foundations.

The Red Knot Survival Project needs financial supporters now, to ensure that our programs can expand as proposed into 2013 and beyond. This era of effort is crucial. If we do not do the work now, the birds may be gone. The next migration cycle is never that far away. Any work that we conduct on the beaches of Delaware Bay has to be permitted by the powers that be. (These beaches are ordinarily closed to the public in order to reduce stress on the migratory shorebirds.) The scope of our permit applications will reflect what we can afford, so early funding is of the essence to allow project designs to match our resources.

Global Conservation Alliance has a 501(c)(3) designation as a non-profit organization.

To make a donation to the Red Knot Survival Project, please use one of the options in the donation box on the left side of the page.